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The CD itself is stamped in much the same way as an old style LP but under much more stringent conditions – similar to the conditions maintained in the clean room of a semiconductor wafer fab. The CD pressing is then aluminum coated in a vacuum chamber and the label side is spin-coated with a protective plastic resin and printed with the label. CD-Rs – recordable CDs use a slightly different construction. CD-R blanks are prestamped with a spiral guide groove and then coated with an organic dye layer followed by a gold film, resin, and label. The dye layer appears greenish and deforms upon exposure to the focused writing laser beam to form pits and lands. DVDs or Digital Versatile Disks or Digital Video Disks depending on who you listen to – implement a number of incremental but very significant improvements in technology which in total add up to a spectacular increase in information density – almost These include higher frequency laser or shorter visible wavelength , closer track spacing, better encoding, and a double sided disc. According to early reports on the final specifications, DVDs will be able to store 8 times the audio of current CDs at a higher sampling rate and bit resolution, 2 hours of MPEG encoded high quality movies, and all kinds of other information. Raw data capacity is somewhere between 5 and 10 GBytes.

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For those looking for a unique experience, come and indulge at one of several Townsend and Walland, Tennessee bed and breakfasts. Whether you want to immerse in history sitting in a rocking chair overlooking the same river guests watched over a century ago, wake up smelling the coffee in an Appalachian cantilever barn, or partake of an award-winning view of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sitting on a veranda on top of a mountain, they are each an extension of the owners.

On the river, on top of the mountain, hidden in the woods; there is a cabin or cottage calling your name!

 · best of craigslist > CL Lingo: A self-help guide for the newbies. CL. washington, DC -DDF – drug disease free, this is a standard acronym with no real meaning, as probably more than 50% of the people that put it are lying -FWB – friends with benefits, not really, see NSA

Replacing a Breaker in Your Panel By Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician Circuit Breakers A breaker is designed to protect your wires from carrying too much current, and to trip off on an overload or a short circuit. That is why proper sizing of breakers is so important i. Never oversize a breaker to solve a tripping breaker problem! The first question to ask yourself is — Why am I replacing this breaker?

If you are adding a circuit, and now need to install the breaker, then this of course is necessary. The situation that I run into a lot is people wanting to replace a breaker because they think that it is faulty, or has failed, or trips off too often. Not that breakers don’t sometimes fail, but more often than not, the breaker is just doing what it’s supposed to do, and the problem causing the breaker to trip needs to be rectified first. To Test for a Faulty Breaker Unplug any devices that are on this affected circuit, shut off all lights, and then see if the breaker will reset.

Turn off the breaker before plugging the item back in, and then reset, because if you have a short circuit in a device you can get a high inrush of current that can arc severely, possibly burning you or worse. When a short circuit has occurred, an extremely high amount of current can flow before the breaker trips. Use a Voltage Tester! If the breaker won’t reset, and doesn’t put out voltage on the load terminal use a reliable voltage tester or a volt meter to check , even when all known loads are disconnected, then you probably have a faulty breaker, and it needs to be replaced.

You will need to get all the information that you can brand name, part numbers, breaker size, breaker type, etc. Panels Most homes will have a combination panel, with a main breaker, and then all the branch circuit breakers below.

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Notify me of new replies to this comment Notify me of new replies to this comment Sort by: Epcot, magical kingdom are mists and we have various reservations. Animal kingdom or beach club? Beach is nice with such young kids since getting to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is easy. She is in relatively good health 73 years young , but she tends to get a little tired at times and can be a bit overwhelmed by new surroundings. Any suggestions for a moderate or deluxe hotel that would suit her?

 · How to Hook Up a Trailer Failure to hook a trailer up to a hitch correctly can lead to serious damage to your vehicle and the trailer. It also risks an accident to other vehicles around you, should you lose the trailer off the hitch while ://

We’re here to help you manage your money today and tomorrow Checking Accounts Choose the checking account that works best for you. Load your card with direct deposit and at thousands of Chase ATMs. You can use your card to make purchases in stores and online. Credit Cards Choose from our Chase credit cards to help you buy what you need. Many offer rewards that can be redeemed for cash back , or for rewards at companies like Disney, Marriott, Hyatt, United or Southwest Airlines.

We can help you find the credit card that matches your lifestyle. Plus, get your free credit score! Home Equity Line of Credit You might be able to use a portion of your home’s value to spruce it up or pay other bills with a Home Equity Line of Credit. Shop through the Chase Car Buying Service for your next car, apply for a car loan before heading to the dealer, or see if a refinance car loan is right for you. Use our auto loan calculator to view current rates on new and used cars. Chase also offers online and mobile services, business credit cards , and payment acceptance solutions built specifically for businesses.

About Chase Chase Bank serves nearly half of U.

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I am by no means an expert on fuel. And I am confident that I have seized more pistons in those 28 years than any other human on any continent. Gallon jugs of industrial strength muriatic acid, used to dissolve aluminum smeared onto cylinder walls by pistons trying to grow larger than the bore size , are cheaper when you buy cases of four! And we now listen to knock while testing so damage from deto is now rare. A combination of low velocity airflow from huge carbs and low volatility fuel requires lots of engine heat to create adequate vaporization.

The actual Reid Vapor Pressure of the fuel is an indication of the presence of the front ends.

W d hookup meaning. Published: The only way to find out for sure if this is the case is to either ask the listing agent, or have your agent contact the listing agent for you, or have your agent print-off a detailed MLS listing report for the property.

No facilities other than toilets. A Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead. Within the park boundary the trail is Hiker Only. The trail does not go far and ends at foot elevation. A backcountry permit is required for overnight use in the park. Dogs are not allowed in the park. Party size is limited to 12 heartbeats. See Maps page for Topographic maps showing trails and camp location.

Interactive map showing trails.

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To increase flash lifetime, error correction codes are often used to mitigate flash failures, but different error correction codes work best for certain error patterns, so I wanted to test how bits fails in flash. Knowing details about bit failure modes, patterns, and related issues would help select an error correcting code that is most useful for my combination of needs and restrictions. I could not find the information I wanted, so I decided to test my devices. This article details the flash bit failures for the device I tested, and hopefully is useful for similar devices and designers.

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It suits our travel lifestyle perfectly! We would love to tell you that the RV shopping and buying process is fun for some it is and can be but wow are there some horror stories out there! Because information is liberating and can be the difference between feeling uneasy or certain about such a big decision and purchase. So what price should I expect to pay when purchasing a new RV and how big of a discount is normal?

I wish we could give you a magic number but there are too many factors that must be understood when getting a discount on a new RV. Factory Incentive — Sometimes the factory will launch a new product with incentives to the dealer and a set price. This is prime time to get a good deal on the coach you want. Supply and Demand — its how most markets are run and the RV industry is no different.

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If your item s originate at a location that is more than 75 miles from your delivery address, it may take up to 10 business days for your order to arrive at a local delivery hub near you. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order information. You will then receive an email from our delivery provider which will allow you to schedule your delivery date. On the date of delivery, you will get a pre-delivery call about a half hour before the delivery driver arrives to your home.

National Delivery has four different service levels:

 · Nothing meaning that it isn’t the fault of the WD Cloud and everything meaning that without a good gigabit ethernet network, you won’t enjoy the WD Cloud to its fullest. Troubleshooting reduce the number of connected devices on your router/switch to just

The Internal Revenue Service today warned consumers about a sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers, including recent immigrants, throughout the country-Victims are told they owe money to the IRS and it must be paid promptly through a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer- If the victim refuses to cooperate, they are then threatened with arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or driver? This scam has hit taxpayers in nearly every state in the country- We want to educate taxpayers so they can help protect themselves- Rest assured, we do not and will not ask for credit card numbers over the phone, nor request a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer,?

If someone unexpectedly calls claiming to be from the IRS and threatens police arrest, deportation or license revocation if you don? Werfel noted that the first IRS contact with taxpayers on a tax issue is likely to occur via mailOther characteristics of this scam include: Scammers use fake names and IRS badge numbers- They generally use common names and surnames to identify themselves-Scammers may be able to recite the last four digits of a victim?

If you know you owe taxes or you think you might owe taxes, call the IRS at , The IRS employees at that line can help you with a payment issue?

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September 20, at This is exactly what happened when it was in its enclosure using its power etc. My book is now awaiting my power grinder to destroy it completely.

1 Bedroom at NO BROKER FEE – Elevator + W/D Hookup! posted by Noah Sondheim for $2, – Apartment Rental. 1 Bedroom at NO BROKER FEE – Elevator + W/D Hookup! posted by Noah Sondheim for $2, – Apartment Rental.

To see rates and availability, please visit the Reservations area. You need to get reservations in for these sites very early, no matter when you are coming, as they are in high demand and rare. These sites are great for campers who want a bridge view, but who have slideouts and awnings – in other words, wide units that need extra space. Your awning will face away from the view.

We also have narrow bridgeview sites that are deep typically 50 to 65 feet , but are narrow only about 25 foot wide. If you need a wide site and a large bridgeview full hookup RV site is not available, we would suggest you request a non-lakefront large RV full hookup site available in both 30 and 50 amp sites. None of our sites are far from a spectacular view and our shoreline has a huge grassy area so that everyone can share this beautiful space.

For your safety, no tents are allowed on full hookup sites due to hazards posed by tent stakes possibly coming in contact with buried electric and water lines. See the map of large full hookup RV sites. Normal size full hookup RV sites are usually only 25’W x 50’D. Our large bridgeview full hookup RV sites may vary in size slightly: If you require one of these sizes specifically, please mention this in the notes field of the reservation request form.

Our 1st trip to Mackinaw, heck our 1st trip “up north” and it was fantastic!

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