Reflection on Class activity: Speed Dating (classroom version)

For many students, this is their first math course requires writing, as well as rigor. I had a student say to me this week that they know the foundational topics in Math 1, 2, and 3, but not to the depth that our Precalculus course uses them. This is part of the learning curve in our course. The depth, the writing, and the grade challenge of the course brought stress upon students. Also, to add into the mix of all that, a difference in grading philosophies within our math department. All of this led our department on a year long trek to Standards Based Grading. It has officially been 4 weeks since the first day of school for the school year. In NC, we are currently experiencing Hurricane Florence and school is closed for the next two days.

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Thanks for the dtailed post on this great strategy. Saw a teacher use it wuth a variation that i also liked. Students had been given long review to work on the night before. Most of these reviews came back with lots of blank space — things they needed help on before the test. Each original pair of partners were assigned a problem to become experts on.

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Even now, many students seem to crave the passivity of copying down notes from lectures. Take 1 My first attempt was with function transformation in 11th grade, using the cards from Cheesemonkey SF. My classroom is crammed full of mismatched tables rather than desks, so I asked my 12th advisory to create a long table setup at the end of their class.

I made these directions based on the original blog post and went through them with the students ahead of time. Solve and become the expert on that problem for the day. If you have a question, ask your speed dating partner. The student on the end that gets bumped off circles around to the other end.

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We are working on solving systems of equations and started out by solving via graphing. This way they truly understand what they are finding when solving a system. Not necessarily a hard task but it is something they need practice on solving. Basically the desks were lined up with two desks per pod. I had 12 groups.

Split the class into two groups. Half of the class sits at a desk, the other half of the class moves around the desks. The stationary students have one question each (including the model answer) and the moving students have to explain how they would answer the question, I usually run this with some music as a timer, eg you have until the song finishes to answer.5/5(5).

Online games and interactives separate page I love games in general, but also in math class. We play many games as a family and love to bring in others to play. I had the good fortune to go to grad school with Richard Garfield who turbo-boosted my games education. I loved his philosophy of meta-gaming: A great long term view. I think some of the reasons that mathematicians love math is that it is a lot like playing a game.

Defined objects, rules declaring what moves are permitted, desired outcomes This is a page to organize the math games I’ve created or modified significantly with some notes about content and a collection of the best math games I’ve seen and played from other teachers in the MTBoS. I’d like to thank my preservice teachers as they have made wonderful suggestions and done lots of playtesting.

This page will ever be in development – a lot of games to put on here! He shares free games, reviews mathy commercial games and writes posts about using games with your kids or learners. Games on the Blog Note:

Math Speed Dating: A Cooperative Learning Activity

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“Speed Dating” Review – Get Them Moving! Posted on February 8, by I Speak Math “Speed Dating” is a very easy way to spice up a review / practice day.

Tuesday Playing Footloose I realized that I have mentioned the activity called Footloose in my blog before, but have never really explained it. It’s an activity that is enjoyed by kids of all ages, and can certainly be varied according to the topic that is being studied. I use it mostly for math, because that’s what I teach; but in the past, when I taught different grade levels, I used it as a review activity in other subject areas as well. It is amazing how quiet and engaged students are when doing this activity.

They are up and down, out of their seats, and you’d think they’d be very distracted Here’s how it works: There are 30 cards, with a question on each card. Each card is numbered, from I do laminate the cards so that they don’t get ruined after one use: Download for free from TPT 2. Students receive a Footloose grid there’s one on the desk in the picture.

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Math Speed Dating builds confidence. When the activity begins, students receive the same problem that their partners across from them receive. This becomes the problem that each student is the “expert” at.

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Strengthening individuals, marriages, families and communities Monday, May 12, Speed Friendshipping Activity We did this with the Relief Society sisters at church. This is based of “Speed Dating” where everyone gets minutes to talk to a person and then they ring a bell and you move to the next person to talk to and so on. We had two rows of chairs set up to face each other and then had one row move down a seat each time.

Apr 17,  · Speed dating in the math classroom. 17 Apr. So I pulled out Kate Nowak’s (one of my math teacher idols) math speed dating activity. Basically the desks were lined up with two desks per pod. I had 12 groups. Look at them working so hard! Love them all!

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Speed Dating for Brainstorming & Revision