Plain White T’s Tim Lopez Marries Jenna Reeves

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Hey, here’s the truth about Delilah

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Plain White Ts – Land Of The Living

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The Plain White T’s member married his girlfriend Jenna Reeves in front of family and friends Saturday night, his rep confirmed to E! News. News. The intimate ceremony was held at the Santa.

It doesn’t work but in the end, a dog comes to her and walks away. She follows it, and then meets the love of her life. A short chubbyblack in a white suit man was singing the song and it was a man that caught his wife cheating on him. I think I thought it might have been on the show The Orville but maybe I’m wrong. Itwas piano based tune or at least the piano stood out, it had a classic rock or folk rock feel to it and the song was about getting off a train somewhere in the south and it involved a girl.

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November 19, 2008

Plain White T’s are testament to this, who four albums into their career, took over airwaves with ‘Hey There Delilah’ and have been riding of the crest of that wave ever since. This release is the follow-up to ‘s ‘Every Second Counts’. Having finally made a mainstream breakthrough, it would have been easy for this quintet to take the easy route and stick to solely to the formula which brought them success.

Whilst not a complete departure from the pop-rock of their previous album, ‘Big Bad World’ does seem expanding their soundscape, most obviously on ‘Serious Mistake’ which takes a big band styling. The title track is rhythm-heavy and bounces along inoffensively, topped off with a touch of brass, while ‘Rainy Day’ is a passable formulaic ballad complete with sweeping strings. The record rarely breaks mediocrity, summed up very much by the soft-rocker ‘Meet Me In California’, but ‘Someday’ is an impressive finale displaying a maturity to patiently develop a grand track with a warming positivity.

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Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You

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I told you what my plan is.

In , Plain White T’s released the song “The Rhythm of Love,” featuring lead vocals from guitarist Tim Lopez.

The group began as a trio, with Higgenson as singer and guitarist, Fletcher on bass guitar and Tirio on drums. As the band began to establish itself in the local scene, a fourth member was recruited, Steve Mast, who joined playing lead guitar and sang backing vocals. He was in a back brace for three months and had to learn to walk again. Higgenson changed his songwriting process, choosing songs that were more meaningful to him, and the band began taking its music career more seriously. In , the band self-financed the recording of Stop, a full-length album that attracted the attention of Fearless Records.

While the band toured in support for the album, both Fletcher and Mast left and were replaced by Tim Lopez and Mike Retondo. Shortly after in , Tirio decided to switch from drumming to rhythm guitar and a new drummer named De’Mar Hamilton was added to the line-up.

Poem of the Masses

Press Here Publicity John J. But after eight years, three albums and hits “1,2,3,4” and “Rhythm of Love” with the label, Higgenson says things became strange — and eventually estranged — when the Illinois band tried to release what would be its fourth disc for the label two years ago. Higgenson, in a phone call from the lobby of a Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, says the move not only rescued the disc, but also gave Plain White T’s a creative spurt that made it far better — and the band’s future brighter.

The band had been in a bit of a drought, without a hit since and its album “Wonders of the Younger” becoming the Plain White T’s first for the label not to crack the Top Higgenson says Hollywood suddenly became more heavy-handed in its direction on songs. But no one was that excited about it — even from the band, because we were forced into a bunch of decisions the band didn’t necessarily agree with.

Plain White T’s (read as “plain white tees”) are an American rock band from Lombard, Illinois, formed in by high school friends Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio and Ken Fletcher. They were joined a short time later by Steve : Pop punk, pop rock, emo, alternative rock, indie rock.

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Sumerian Deities

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After meeting Delilah DiCrescenzo in , lead singer Tom Higgenson was smitten by the runner and promised a song in her honor. What they received in return was the No. 1 song in America, two.

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Plain White T’s trying on a new label for fresh start

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Nov 09,  · On Sunday November 4th, the Plain White T’s stopped by HiFi music hall to play a show while touring their new album Parallel Universe. We sat down with lead singer Tom Higgenson to discuss the new.

As Demetri Martin put it in This is a Book, there is no formula, no algorithm for how individuals like you and me get from point A to point B: Growing up between upstate New York and California was idyllic. Vacationing in Cape Cod and Ontario, Canada. Dad, a surfer from Hawaii turned worship minister and engineer, was at the mercy of the 80s s tech boom remember AOL, Atari, Nintendo 64, IBM typewriters and printers? Mom was an artist and floral designer from Venice Beach dedicated to educating yes, my sister and I were homeschooled till middle school and preparing five adopted children to thrive as citizens in the global arts, education and business community.

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Plain White T’s announce new album, “Parallel Universe”; release two new singles

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In one of the more bizarre TV show concepts, the hit song ‘Hey There Delilah’ is being transmuted for the small screen. Performed by The Plain White T’s and released back in , this lyrical.

Now, attempting to prove that they aren’t a one hit wonder, the boys are back with Wonders of the Younger. Whilst, technically, this is actually their 6th album, it’s the second time they have hit our shores. Establishing a more gentle and experimental record than their previous offerings, this is a radical new sound for the band. Sticking within the rock-alternative genre, the Plain White T’s are able to successfully reach the genre’s extremes from Californian acoustic to heavy rock anthems.

The album kicks off in fashionable style with the teenage angst Irrational Anthem; a great loud start to the LP. Whilst creating a Californian funk sound, the battle drums also establish an anthemic sound that is sure to go down well in festivals across the country next summer. Similarly, Rhythm of Love, the first single off this album, is an acoustic Jason Mraz-esque offering that is, again, reminiscent of that relaxed West Coast sound.

Whilst the beautiful lyrics complement the song perfectly, a cynic may argue that this is a bit of an attempt to jump on the popular ‘acoustic-folk’ bandwagon that has been dominating the charts worldwide recently. The band continues with creating great pop songs, which is typical of their sound. Broken Record is a very catchy track that has subtle influences from the 60s.

Lead singer Tom Higgenson states that his past lover is ‘stuck in my head like a broken record’; the same can be said about the track ironically.

Jenna Reeves by Tim Lopez