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One way to save a few bucks is doing your own auto maintenance. One simple way you can extend the life of your tires is regularly rotating them on your car. Tire rotation means changing where the individual tire is mounted on the car. Save yourself the money by doing it yourself. Why Rotate Your Tires? Front and rear tires wear differently. Also, turning wears the front tires at different rates.

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They also test truck tires and winter tires, and we cover those in their own reports. Each tire completes a series of identical evaluations, receiving individual scores for wet and dry braking, handling, resistance to hydroplaning, ride comfort, noise, rolling resistance and tread life. Performance on ice and snow is also tested. Each tire receives an overall rating as well.

With hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews, the site breaks down the best models of tires, including 13 categories of passenger tires.

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Kumho Tire Reviews Depending on whether you have four-wheel drive and live in a snowy or icy climate, you might also want to consider winter snow tires for your SUV. Some two-wheel drive SUVs have trouble on slippery roads, and these winter tires are designed to improve traction and increase safety. Since so many users share their experiences online and professional reviewers post write-ups on specific models, you can compare your options with relative ease. Here are some of the best Internet resources for tire reviews: You’ll see where other people have had problems with specific tire brands or where a tire has performed especially well.

This can be a good place to look for ideas on which tire brands and models are best for your SUV. Consumer Reports reviews most tire brands and models and makes recommendations. Reviews focus on dry and wet braking, noise, tread life, handling, snow traction, ice handling, comfort of ride, and other factors.

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Practicing good, disciplined tire maintenance is a must in terms of extending the life of your tires. Although many tires look the same, they perform and are priced much differently. Your local Tire Dealer often displays an overwhelming selection of tires for the average consumer. So how do you break this down to try and gather some understanding of the top tire manufacturers?

Today 2/8/11 I had a an alignment coupon for from (1 stop auto shop) But is accross town, conveniently big O tires was right there where I was so I tough I stop by and ask them If they would honor the coupon, so I did I walk in and ask politly: Would you guy by able to honor a coupon for a different auto shop store? they look at it and they start laughing and they said for NO way.

Tyre width The width of your tyre, in millimetres, measured from sidewall to sidewall. Wheel diameter The diameter height of the wheel in inches. For example, a tyre with a load index of 91 can carry kg of weight. Load ratings and speed ratings should be looked at together when you buy a new tyre. Speed rating The speed rating is the maximum speed for a tyre when it is correctly inflated and being used under load.

The speed rating is the letter at the end of the sidewall, after the load index number. When buying new tyres, make sure you match their speed rating with the speed capabilities of your vehicle. Your dealer may help you verifying this before purchasing or fitting tyres. Is it possible to fit tyres with a higher speed rating than my manufacturer recommends? Yes, this may be possible. Is it possible to fit tyres with a higher load index than my manufacturer recommends?

Is it possible to fit tyres with a higher speed rating and a higher load index than my manufacturer recommends? Is it possible to fit tyres with a lower speed rating than my manufacturer recommends? Is it possible to fit tyres with a higher load index and a lower speed rating than my manufacturer recommends?

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The three have a unique skill set which was instrumental in the successful establishment and growth of the company so far. Isagenix is now available in Australia also through Isagenix Meal replacement products Australia. John Anderson is also known as the Master Formulator and is the brains behind the formulation of Isagenix products.

These normal tires give a *MUCH* more comfortable ride. Plus my MPG has increased by almost 1 mpg, about 3%, which was a pleasant surprise. I bought a spare tire .

Now just because a wheel is old-school and rare, doesn’t mean it’s sought after by enthusiast. The few wheels from the ’90s are those that were made popular by the Honda explosion in the very early ’90s. Ugly, striking, unusual, atypical, over-priced, whatever you want to call it, here are 20 of the coolest old-school wheels ever released. These also happen to be the only Techno Racing wheel available in pink. Navy’s Grumman F Tomcat fighter plane. It is an extremely hard wheel to find in the three-piece version.

We think these look more like street sewer caps though. While the mesh, fins, and defis had the same center caps, the Neos had an even more complex cap with an extra top piece. But it’s impossible to find a set with a clean, original brushed face finish.

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The company was named for Charles Goodyear, the man who developed vulcanized rubber. Seiberling borrowed 3, dollars from a brother-in-law to purchase the company’s first factory. Goodyear originally employed thirteen workers, but the firm quickly emerged as a leader in the production of rubber items, including bicycle tires, pneumatic carriage and automobile tires, horseshoes, and hoses.

By , Goodyear was the largest rubber company in the world.

A group of Californians have filed a Bumble class action lawsuit alleging that the dating app violates state auto renewal and dating service laws.

Kiichiro Toyoda , president of the Toyota Motor Corporation — Mass production at a Toyota plant in the s Large-scale, production-line manufacturing of affordable cars was started by Ransom Olds in at his Oldsmobile factory in Lansing, Michigan and based upon stationary assembly line techniques pioneered by Marc Isambard Brunel at the Portsmouth Block Mills , England, in The assembly line style of mass production and interchangeable parts had been pioneered in the U. As a result, Ford’s cars came off the line in fifteen-minute intervals, much faster than previous methods, increasing productivity eightfold, while using less manpower from Only Japan Black would dry fast enough, forcing the company to drop the variety of colors available before , until fast-drying Duco lacquer was developed in This is the source of Ford’s apocryphal remark, “any color as long as it’s black”.

The combination of high wages and high efficiency is called ” Fordism ,” and was copied by most major industries. The efficiency gains from the assembly line also coincided with the economic rise of the United States. The assembly line forced workers to work at a certain pace with very repetitive motions which led to more output per worker while other countries were using less productive methods. In the automotive industry, its success was dominating, and quickly spread worldwide seeing the founding of Ford France and Ford Britain in , Ford Denmark , Ford Germany ; in , Citroen was the first native European manufacturer to adopt the production method.

Soon, companies had to have assembly lines, or risk going broke; by , companies which did not, had disappeared. Key developments included electric ignition and the electric self-starter both by Charles Kettering , for the Cadillac Motor Company in — , independent suspension , and four-wheel brakes. Since the s, nearly all cars have been mass-produced to meet market needs, so marketing plans often have heavily influenced car design.

It was Alfred P. Sloan who established the idea of different makes of cars produced by one company, called the General Motors Companion Make Program , so that buyers could “move up” as their fortunes improved.

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Allen December 1, , 8: Mathieu December 1, , I tried to sell it. Even in Montreal, at the lowest price in the wanted adds, nobody wanted it. But everytime I drive it, I feel my mustache shrink.

Nov 18,  · The MK4 Jetta with a auto is just not worth the headache. Slow boring car with very high potential for transmission issues and oil burning. You can find MK5 Jettas with the L manual which is a much more reliable and fun to drive car for not much more money.

The next time you need tires, head on over to the auto mechanics at Tri-Action Auto. As the first choice for auto repair for both Chesterfield and Macomb Townships drivers, you can expect our team to find the right set of tires for your vehicle, and then quickly install them. You will be rolling down the Chesterfield and Macomb Townships streets as soon and safely as possible. It can be a challenge to find the right set of tires for your vehicle, as the proper tires can depend on your driving habits, budget, and style.

At Tri-Action Auto, our auto mechanics have years of experience, dating back to the beginning of our auto repair shop in , selecting the appropriate tires for your vehicle. While our auto mechanics are installing or repairing your tires, you can take advantage of our shuttle service or rental cars offered at a competitive rate. We think this recent 5-star review from one of our happy customers is evidence of our efforts:

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