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Guitar Trader Les Paul. Strings and Things Les Paul. When Gibson teamed up with renowned recording star Les Paul in , the company created a guitar that became one of. The no serial Greco guitars made by Tokai have square shaped routing holes at the bottom of the pickup cavities whereas the no serial Greco guitars. Over the years, Gibson has issued a number of “anniversary model” Les Pauls. Les Paul Standard of 1. Les Paul Standard specs, including a narrower headstock, narrow binding in the cutaway, deeper carve top, etc.

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But, with more than 75 years of shipping records in the Gibson books, and dozens of variations on numerical schemes used over the years, serial numbers sometimes do little to shed light on the origin of a mysterious Gibson. With vintage Gibsons selling at auction for as much as half a million dollars, Davidson will sometimes roll up his sleeves and poke around in the ledgers, but only as time allows.

The earliest volumes contain hundreds of yellowed pages covered front and back with rows of handwritten numbers. It can take Davidson several hours to locate a specific serial number, if he can find it at all. Even then, there may be four other guitars—of all different models—with the same number sequence.

Les Paul Classic: This model features an ink stamped serial number with no “MADE IN USA” (just as we used on the original Les Pauls). Most will be 5 to 6 digits in length, but the earliest examples feature 4 digit serial numbers.

Vic DaPra purchased it from George Gruhn in Also, 9 , 9 , 9 One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twelve. And it was dinged up and had some nicks. People thought I was crazy, and I was scared to death for borrowing that much. While we were visiting Everett one day, we drove through town and ended up stopped at a intersection — and there was Billy, coming the other way. A friend saw an old Les Paul in a red sunburst finish at a local music store.

I left them a deposit and proceeded to go to my personal bank — Dad, what a guy! I plugged it in to a watt plexi and realized what gave Page, Beck, and Clapton that sound. I asked to see it. It had a lot of playing wear and the frets were very low, but he let me play it and I fell in love. I had to have that guitar! I played it, and I was amazed by how cool it was!

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In many cases, these Japanese Fenders and Gibsons are of higher build quality, finish and tone than the US made versions. The Japanese models usually had a long tenon like the LP’s, and are not weight relieved, the US Standard version did not have a long tenon and is weight relieved. These are rare, and the ObG Reissue solid flametops are even rarer.

Gibson Serial Numbers What a serial number can and can’t tell you about your Gibson. That’s exactly what happened following a recent modification in the font size of the serial numbers used on the new Les Paul Classics. For more information on Gibson’s serial numbers.

Use this guide to pinpoint the Les Paul that matches up with your music, your style, and your budget. First Came The Clunker Les Paul had struggled for years with the feedback generated by electric hollowbody guitars when their volume was cranked up. In the early s he bought an Epiphone Broadway hollowbody and retrofitted it with his own hand-wound pickups and a rectangular steel bar body brace.

Paul attached two wooden wings on either side of the slab giving The Log roughly the appearance of a conventional archtop guitar. And Finally, the Les Paul was Born It took several years and the introduction of a highly successful solidbody electric guitar by a certain California guitar company to bring Gibson around. The result was the Les Paul introduced in The LP took the guitar world by storm.

A three-pickup version followed. Beginning in the early s, Gibson has released dozens of variations of the LP, and the guitar has only grown in stature. Oddly though, in the early s the Les Paul fell out of favor due to issues of weight and cost as well as a perception that it was a bit old-fashioned. This resulted in the resumption of LP production. A list of the other signature and tribute Les Pauls that Gibson has built invoke some of the most stellar names in modern music.

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This guitar is a proper guitar, no chambered body or poor quality laminated fret boards that we have seen Gibson use on some recent models. This finish has now starting to age nicely giving it that classic vintage vibe. The neck of the Special Anniversary Limited Edition is also made of mahogany, which Gibson selected for this model. The neck is slender and tapered and is made identically to the dimensions of original Les Paul Deluxe.

This fits easily in the hand and for me is immensely playable.

Mar 25,  · Les Paul R8 Serial Number Dating? Discussion in ‘Historics & Reissues’ started by Mr. Jackal, Mar 5, Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Gibson Custom Les Paul, Explorer, Flying V, and Futura reissues (since late ): M YRRR or MYRRRR M is the model year being reissued.

Gibson Les Paul 5. Custom Limited Edition Here is an awesome players condition 5. Limited Edition Les Paul Custom. We have always loved these. RI Customs as they had some very authentic. Mahogany Body No maple cap just like the originals, Small. Headstock, No volute, LE prefix serial number, and larger. This guitar has had some changes.

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The ES was introduced in Gibson hired Ted McCarty in , who became President in He led an expansion of the guitar line with new guitars such as the “Les Paul” guitar introduced in and designed by Les Paul , a popular musician in the s and also a pioneer in music technology.

Sep 03,  · Hi, I am looking at a used ebony Custom with serial # CS The Guitar Dater Project – Gibson Serial Number Decoder doesn’t support CS serials, then.

It was developed in after Gibson had introduced the Les Paul model in The Gibson Les Paul was introduced in , and was originally made with a mahogany body and a 1″ thick maple cap, mahogany neck with rosewood fret board and two P pickups. The guitar was only available in a gold finish. In late , a more luxurious version was introduced, most probably on specific request by Les Paul himself, as he wanted a more luxurious and classy looking guitar.

He requested a black guitar as he wanted it to “look like a tuxedo”. Nicknamed the Black Beauty, the guitar had a mahogany body and neck, ebony fret board, and mother of pearl block markers inlays in the fret board. The “Split Diamond” inlay on the headstock was taken from the carved archtop Super , which was the top of the Gibson line. The pickups were a P in the bridge position and an Alnico V pickup, newly designed by Seth Lover, in the neck position. The frets are low and flat, as opposed to the usual medium jumbo frets found on other Les Paul customs, and the guitar soon was given the nickname “The Fretless Wonder”.

The new Custom also shipped with a different case from the Standard, using a black and gold case instead of the brown and pink case that was the top-of-the-line case for the Les Paul Standard models. Most Customs have three PAFs, though there are a small number that have the traditional two-pickup configuration.


Serial numbers conflict and can be more of a hindrance than a help. Finding the guitar’s true age can be like something out of “CSI,” where you figure out a date based on a variety of forensic evidence–not just a serial number. Serial Numbers Look for an ink stamp.

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This guitar is in excellent condition. Neck and frets are fine, cosmetically quite clean, some mild wear on the gold plated pickup covers. Our inventory sticker is still on the headstock. Les Paul guitars have a prolific history of model evolution and design changes while retaining their original single cutaway, 22 fret, Pearl block inlays, bound headstock and fingerboard, pearl inlaid head veneer, deluxe gold plated tuners with Gibson cranks, gold plated humbuckers with traditional controls.

Gold plated tune-o-matic bridge and a nice upgrade, a Gibson TP-6 adjustable tail piece replaces the stock stop bar. The non-weight relieved body weighing in at Even unplugged this guitar has impressive sustain. This is a very playable and collectable Les Paul, quite attractive in Cherry Sunburst. Original hard shell case included. We have found it impossible to describe every mark on an instrument or amp that is not in the “mint” category.

Also, what’s important to you may not be important to someone else. For example, you may say, “I don’t care what it looks like as long as it plays or sounds well. If you ask they will be answered.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom • SN: CS501460