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Trophyline Ambush Tree Saddle- Field Tested, Hunter Approved- My Review, With pictures!!

This is strictly my unbiased personal review and opinions on the tree saddle. I have not enjoyed a new hunting product this much in a long time!! I decided to read a lot on the product and talked to some guys that had used it and they claimed it was great.

Aug 29,  · The Trophyline Tree Saddle is essentially a suspended sling seat built into a fall protection harness. The unit incorporates a lineman’s belt for safer climbing and a second independent webbing strap that acts as an adjustable anchor once wrapped around the tree.

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The Tip Cart by William Castle of Yorkshire, England This most excellent article on the operation of the English tip-cart features some terminology which may be challenging to a few of us North Americans but I am confident that a careful reading will answer questions. We are grateful to Mr. Castle, who is a subscriber to SFJ, and once again reminded of how vast and vital our readership is. LRM When horses were the main source of power on every farm, in the British Isles it was the tip-cart, rather than the wagon which was the most common vehicle, and for anyone farming with horses, it is still an extremely useful and versatile piece of equipment.

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Trophyline’s tree saddle rope included with sterling rope’s tritech rope system. Trophy line tree saddle in this video shows. And after they are more expensive .

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That model was the absolute lightest saddle they made at only 2 pounds. It’s a very difficult product to get your hands on today. I have a neoprene version of that saddle, and weighs about 7 pounds with all the gear to hang onto the tree and the platform. They also made a leather version called the road trip, and that one was pretty light as well. Apparently the leather saddle was the most comfortable, I think it weighed three or 4 pounds if I remember correctly.

There is another manufacturer of saddle sling type stand that has also gone by the roadside: It is quite comfortable in comparison to do the tree saddle. They weighed a tiny bit more then the neopreen version of the tree saddle. I personally know another hunter who has hunted in both, and he always preferred his tree suit. Another poster mentioned the aero hunter, made by New tribe. And weighs about 5 pounds. It looks like a very good product, and I will probably be picking one up eventually.

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Aug 18,  · I’m glad I kept it, it does have a great rope hook-up attachment and plent of webbing to make a seat like yours! I’ll save this thread and make one later this fall. Thanks again for the information on this tree seat and the camera Monopod!

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I chose to attach one end to my back door frame and the other end to a tree in the center of the yard. Screw the eye bolt screws in at each end, preferably at 90 degree angles to the eventual cable. Take into account that the cable WILL sag some in the middle. Put one loopy thing through one eye bolt screw and run your steel cable through it. Use two of the chain rope clips here — one to secure the cable and loopy thing and a second to neatly hold the end of the cable.

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Sep 28,  · Trophyline Tree Saddle; Tieing the Knot BoudreauxBoswell. Up next Trophyline Tree Saddle Rope Hookup – Duration:

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How to Hook Up a Single Driving Harness

Hitching Post Posted by Will Beattie at What size hitching post is best, height and length to hitch a team. Also any design ideas or material for construction? Response by Jerry Hicks at

Oct 19,  · THis way once I get there all I have to do is climb the tree, put my strap around the tree, tie a knot then hook it to my saddle and Im ready to go. As long as you can tie a knot it the dark and clip a carabiner to your waist line in the dark you are good to go.

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Oct 22,  · It is similar to the trophyline tree saddle, in how it works in the tree, but it’s a hard seat instead of their method. I used a boat ratchet strap from Gander Mountain, because it’s .

Michael’s Signs 22 March I am a hunter who likes to be on the move. I also happen to be a Chiropractic Physician and am very self conscious of spine support and proper sitting positions. I do believe Butch Palasini has perfected the proper sitting position with optimum lumbar support with this stand. The strap placements and firm seat give it the strength it needs to hold a hunter in a correct position to minimize back and neck fatigue, and the best thing is each stand can be adjusted to fit exactly the way you want with the specific support you desire.

The best thing about this is, it allows a hunter to stay comfortable for longer periods of time allowing you to stay longer; therefore increasing your odds of getting the game you are after. Another nice feature is the standing option that is possible with only minimal effort and movement that still gives you the correct spinal support. This stand is definitely the most comfortable and mobile stand I have ever used.

If you are interested in mobility, un-paralleled comfort, and proper spine support, you need to check this product out. Mostly, I favor, and hunt, Pennsylvania’s “big woods” and swamps. Flat and open terrain is nice but I seldom roam it. Now, I carry your “Web” on my back and about 7 pounds of Jim’s “Stepps”.

Trophyline Tree Saddle Suspenders System